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Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

Typically a dryer vent is cleaned from the outside of the home using a reverse air sweep. This is inserted into the entire length of the dryer vent and using the air sweep and air pressure, the debris is pulled outside of the home. During the procedure, the dryer should be running to check for proper airflow after cleaning.

Dryer vents should be cleaned annually or as needed, depending upon length and material of the duct.


Filter Sales

We are proud to offer to our customer’s a custom made three-stage filter! This filter has a custom built frame that has a rubber gasket to seal all around the return frame. A replaceable media is inserted into the frame, that is tacky on one side to help prevent particulates from passing into the return. For more information regarding filters please submit a quote request. The frame should last you a lifetime.


Base price is $125


Repair Work

Repair or replacement of dryer vents – Estimate required.